Suzette Boulais

While she was surrounded by art all her life due to having two artistic brothers, Suzette didn’t seriously pick up a brush until her mid-forties. She still has that first painting, indicative of the contemplative and contemporary path she would follow. While her artwork took her inward, her work in the community as Community Education Coordinator for Counseling & Family Services, a United Way supported family service agency, took her outward into the spotlight, where Suzette was in charge of all marketing, promotional and public relations activities. All this led her to combine her artistic avocation and promotional career where she served as Executive Director of ArtsPartners of Central Illinois for twelve years.

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Suzette’s paintings are on display at various Peoria area institutions and businesses including Exhibit A Gallery, Gallery Homes Realty, The 2nd floor of the MAXAM Building, The Spotted Cow, and in the collection of Methodist College/Unity Point Health, and Ronald McDonald House of Peoria.

Artist Statement

Early on, my biggest artistic influence was and remains the abstract expressionist Mark Rothko whose paintings deal with basic color combinations and shapes that create specific moods and impressions. Nearly all of my art evokes feelings related to peace, happiness, hope and serenity. In many ways, my paintings are quiet reflections designed to calm and comfort. Since light is not only a spiritual, but also physical dimension of my work, my paintings are often abstract landscapes that use light to indicate hope.

With a strong interest in graphic design and a love of symbolism, my paintings are in many ways symbolic graphic designs set to color and paint. When I paint a circle, for example, I use it as a symbol to represent the unity of life. The sun and moon are symbols for the light of God. Birds in my paintings reflect the spiritual journey throughout our lives and water reflects the symbolic, unconscious life force.