Kelly Rowden

My paintings have been described as “ethereal”, “soft”, “magical”, and “otherworldly” because I paint in shades of gray and black and white. Birds, fashion, calligraphy, graphic design, album covers, the female form, textiles, embroidery, religious themes, and icons have always influenced my work.

Early on, my works clearly were trying to mirror the old mannerism style (long necks and hands), art nouveau, and mythology. Later, I looked to comic book artists like Dave McKean, Alex Ross and David Mack for ideas. Eventually, I looked inside myself and found more interest in theological and spiritual themes.

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Over the last couple of years, I have enjoyed portrait painting the most. Today, translating an image from mundane to magical is my end goal.

Kelly lives in the middle of America, with her talented husband and 2 cats, where she has sloshed paint, pushed pixels and played in clay for over 25 years. She has exhibited in more than 50 locations and painted over 200 paintings.