Connie Andrews

Connie currently lives with her daughter under the wide open sky between East Peoria and Morton. She has a natural light filled studio at home so she can work and also be present for her daughter and granddaughter, along with a public painting studio at the Studios on Sheridan in Peoria, and a studio in East Peoria for creating sculpture. Eventually, she would like to combine all 3 into one central location, with room enough for classes and workshops. She accepts commission work, painting portraits of people, pets, and homes. She can turn your idea into a personalized work of art that can be treasured for generations.
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Artist Statement

My personal art is about transformation, movement and the passage of time, sometimes just a moment, sometimes a number of years. It can be the way light transforms a subject, or the way a man moves his hands while working. Look on as Preston Jackson molds and smooths the clay into his Richard Pryor sculpture. Watch as the dancer spins and turns and right before your eyes changes from a toddler into a young woman. Creating movement in a static setting is a challenge and a mirage, but sometimes I have seen the end results touch a viewer’s heart, bringing tears to their eyes. This is where the magic happens- when something I have created can stir another person’s emotions, that is what keeps me going. I have been creating art for most of my life. I am primarily self taught, but have taken classes and workshops from other artists, including Preston Jackson.