Sponsorship is a targeted donation to support a particular aspect of the organization. It is an opportunity for the sponsor to receive special recognition. The donation could also be kept anonymous. With the challenges the pandemic brings, sponsorships are especially important to continue to offer the programming or prop up aspects of the organization you love.


Sponsor an Event

Live at the Five Spot, Whisper & Shout: Open Mic for Poetry or First Friday are currently being offered. Although we are offering events, due to restrictions, we usually either break even or lose money at each event. If we canโ€™t do better on some events, they will be cancelled for good. Let us know if you are considering sponsorship of a band that you particularly enjoy.


Sponsor Promotion

Such a promotion could include signage, advertising and some initiative or fundraising effort. For example, we need to overhaul and improve the AC system. We could offer new classes or programming. Since we have lost so much revenue, a sponsorship could enable us to offer a new service. We need more visibility, so a billboard or outdoor signage could be supported. Signage indoors could also be improved, especially in directing people upstairs.


Sponsor an Artist

Many resident artists and businesses that rent space on the third floor are struggling due to loss from the pandemic. Sponsoring a resident could enable them to continue renting a space and in the process support the organization by remaining in their space. This could be a one-time donation, a monthly stipend or just paying their rent for a month. The organization would pass this gift onto a resident and the donation would be tax-deductible.

To discuss details about sponsorship, contact Executive Director William Butler at 309.674.6822 or through our contact form.