Gene Mialkowski

Gene Mialkowski was born and raised in the neighborhoods of the city of Chicago. He has been a resident of Central Illinois for 45+ years. He is a dedicated family man, father of 4 grown children and proud grandpa. Through his occupations and volunteer activities he is considered by some as a teacher, coach, facilitator, demonstrator and spiritual person. Self-employed through most of his construction career, he achieved the status of “a pretty fair carpenter”.
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Gene enjoys being an amateur athlete of many sports and activities including completing the 1987 Chicago Triathlon. He considers himself a poker player of noted reputation, a juggler and omelet maker extraordinaire.

Gene has shown at many art shows and exhibits including shows at the Foster Gallery in Peoria, Illinois and the Hoogland Center for the Arts in Springfield, Illinois. He has been a guest artist at the Peoria Fine Art Fair, participated in Big Picture, Ignite Peoria, the Peoria Riverfront Market and CIAO group shows.

Artist Statement

During my process of forming the steel, atypical of the norm, no heat is used. I use the simplest of tools and devices to push the limits of my material and my physical strength. I wish to share my talents, experiences, perspectives and my story through my artwork to as many people as possible. It has become apparent to me that the type of art that I create is spreading joy and touching the senses of many people. I am extremely grateful to all those who have contributed to and inspired my artwork over the course of my art career. In 2002, Joy Kessler invited me to the Preston Jackson’s Sunday night sculpture class at the Contemporary Art Center, changing my life’s path.