Barbara Hoffman

I’ve been a photographer for many years. Some years back I began studying printmaking and oriental ink drawing. I also became more interested in the deep exploration of single objects and subjects. In the body of work presented here I concentrated for a year (2017-2018) on looking at and interpreting the dying hibiscus blooms in my garden. The outcome was an exhibition, showing these interpretations in photography, monotype, drypoint, and ink drawing.
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Here’s the artist statement from that show:

Hibiscus – Close to Home
In my garden in Peoria I have a hibiscus plant. Every summer it comes into two months of glorious bloom. The flowers are plentiful and outrageously big. Each one is only open for one day. They burst open, self-pollinate, droop, and fall.

I invite you to join me in my meditations about fading beauty, secrets held, the urgency of life, the acceptance of death, and living in the moment.