Mary Annen

Mary Annen is a professional artist who resides in Central Illinois. Her work has been on display in Iowa, Missouri and Illinois where she has won several awards in juried exhibitions in the tri state area along with commissioned work. In 2004, she graduated with honors from Eureka College with a concentration in Fine Art. Mary’s medium of choice is acrylic on canvas as it can be easily manipulated and dries quickly. However, she has created pieces in watercolor, pastels, and oil. Her preference is larger scale pieces as they tend to emphasize the feeling or mood of the painting.  Most of her work combines landscapes and the human form with abstraction.

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Artist Statement

I love the way the shapes, along with the manipulation of the medium can depict movement. I don’t paint in color for their color, but I convert it to a gray scale in my mind and paint accordingly. A navy blue is a 60% gray while a yellow is a 20% gray for me. By converting the color to a grayscale, it allows me to better see dimension in my paintings. The result can reflect such a lovely variety of colors!

Rosemarie Adcock photo