Jessica Peterson

Jessica Peterson is a multi-faceted, evocative artist, who started her formal art education at Illinois Central College.

In 2012, her ink drawing, “That Moment,” was displayed for the CIAO Invitational Exhibition, Peoria Riverfront Museum.

In 2016, Jessica’s two-foot clay sculpture of herself was displayed in a group exhibition, Celebrate 20, at the Contemporary Art Center, a result of classes from Preston Jackson, Professor Emeritus of the Art Institute in Chicago.

In 2017, Jessica’s painting, “A Windy Day”, was one of five winners of ArtPop in Peoria, and was displayed on five different billboards throughout the year. Methodist College purchased the billboard, which now hangs in their gallery.

In 2019, Ronald McDonald House purchased her three paintings, “Turn, Turn, Turn”, “Two Moons”, and “Up, up, and Away.”

In 2021, her short film, “May I have this Dance?” received Best Interactive Media and Technology Award from Illinois State University, where she graduated that same year.

In 2022, her digital painting, “A Gentle Breeze,” was one of five winners of Sky Art Peoria to be displayed on five billboards throughout Peoria.

Collaborating with her mother, Anne Peterson, a poet and author, they have created poetry gifts, and five poetry books.

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Artist  statement

I create art to stir up emotions.
My charcoal drawings shed light on my darker feelings,
while my inner child loves to be immersed in vivid color.

Because my younger years at times lacked peace,
even when I’m splashing colors around,
I’m aware that a storm could brew at any moment.
Much like life.

My art is a safe place for me to go when life gets hard.

One of my coping mechanisms is escaping to a world of make believe.
A world I create through my camera lens, by stroking a canvas, or scratching the surface of a fresh piece of paper.

Hemingway said, “It’s easy to write, all writers have to do is bleed onto the page.”
As visual artists, we use paint.

No matter what tools I use, I thrive at creating my own world where I can escape at any time.

But don’t worry. I’ll leave the door open, there’s room for you, too.

Jessica Peterson