Judy Steffens

Judy Steffens is a Central Illinois artist working from her studio at home. Judy’s practice has focused primarily in figurative painting, though her subjects have been wide-ranging. Each of Judy’s paintings depicts a visual encounter that she has experienced and which sparked her imagination. Her work demonstrates an intimacy with the subject and thoughtful story-telling.

Judy earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Art from Bradley University. After college, Judy expanded her practice to include photography. Though her focus now is on painting, Judy incorporates photography into her practice using her own photos as reference material.

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Judy and her husband have also lived in Florida and Colorado. They have traveled extensively, cataloging inspiration for many paintings along the way. Judy also enjoys spending time with her family and grandchildren.

Artist Statement

I’m a figurative artist painting people in everyday life situations. I explore human connection from the perspective of the subjects’ thoughts and emotions.

My current focus is my ongoing Beach Girls series that celebrates people enjoying the sand and the sea. The series is inspired by a year of living in Florida and also by many visits there. On the beach I observed women and men of all ages, shapes, sizes and colors simply enjoying themselves without body shame or worry of their appearance. Their relaxed confidence in that setting made an impression on me. My admiration of these beach-goers led to this series of paintings.