Qingjun Huang: Illinois Family Stuff

Gallery 3R


Jan 05 2024

Jan 5 – Feb 16 2024

When Chinese artists Qingjun Huang and Liu Yang wished to extend the “Family Stuff” series to local subjects, Contemporary Art Center assisted in making connections. Many of the photos in this exhibit are a result of that effort. The 1st subject was Whitney Jensen. Since then, Brandie Centi-Fislar, Prasanna Jeer, Colleen Johnson, Meng Li & Chunhui Pan, George Manias, Alexander Martin, Erica Pamson, Barbie & Kirk Perry, Burt Raabe & Lisa Nelson Raabe, Neng Wang & Lucy Feng and Jonathan Wright & Mae Gilliland Wright have also posed for his camera.

Combined Reception: Saturday, Jan 20, 6:30-8:30 pm

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