Dancing with the Self: An Explorative Movement Workshop


Mar 06 2024


6:00 pm - 7:30 pm

Wednesdays, Mar 6 -27
Ages: 18 & up
Minimum Students: 4, Maximum: 8
CAC Member: $40, Non-Member: $45

Class Description: 
This workshop is for anyone who wishes to explore their internal selves through movement. Movement guidance is influenced by aspects of Authentic Movement, Active Imagination, Expressive Arts Therapy and Butoh. Dance will be guided by following one’s own internal impulses, spontaneity, and imagery, words and sensations offered by the workshop leader. The purpose of this 4-week workshop is to come into deeper connection and understanding with oneself, practice self-love, become more aware of internal sensations, release emotions and promote self-confidence. A period of reflection will end each session. Please wear comfortable clothes. Bring a notebook and writing and/or drawing materials. It is appropriate for all levels of experience and comfort.

“Authentic Movement” – a meditative, intuitive, improvisational movement practice involving a mover and a witness. It is a practice of listening, attunement, slowing and opening to a deeper sensing of body and psyche. It was developed by dancer and psychotherapist Mary Starks Whitehouse who, following her work with Carl Jung, became curious about moving without intention, or the practice of “waiting to be moved.”

“Active Imagination” – a concept created by Carl Jung; it is the process of accessing the unconscious though the use of imagination by means of spontaneous imagery.

“Butoh” – A Japanese form of dance developed post WWII by dancers Tastumi Hijikata and Kazuo Ohno. This dance has deep connections to transformation and the nature of being. Dancers are moved by imagery, memory, and internal impulses rather than choreographic instruction. Its processes have strong ties to Authentic Movement.

About Erica: 
Erica is a multimodal performer and artist with a BFA in Art Therapy who is currently undergoing Graduate level studies in Expressive Arts Therapy and Clinical Mental Health Counseling at Lesley University. She has been dancing, performing and creating art in various styles for over 10 years. A practitioner of Butoh since 2018, she has created several Butoh influenced artworks and performances. Besides studying with Butoh master Tadashi Endo, her scope of her studies encompasses fine art, psychology, philosophy and therapy, specifically in somatics, trauma and the positive effects of all forms of self-expression and creativity.


For more information about each class, contact: William Butler or Darlene Jones, 309.674.6822 or contact us.