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Artist Membership - $50

The new Artist Membership combines the benefits of CAC and CIAO artist memberships for only $50 / year. An Artist Membership can be initiated at any time of the year and expire exactly one year from initiation. A month before your expiration date, we will send you a reminder to renew. Yearly renewal is the time to update your photos and information.

Artist Membership Form

An Artist Membership includes:

A mini website to show off your artwork. Join other artists on our online directory. Share up to 15 images of your work, a photo of yourself, information about you and links to other websites on a mini-website. Send us your files, links and information and we create it all for you.

Added to email lists or any mailing lists. Stay up to date on cultural and art events.

Exclusive access to Events, Facebook page or newsletter. Get connected for promotional opportunities.

Invitations to participate in member only group exhibits. An automatic invitation to participate.

Discounts on art purchases, event admissions, classes or workshops or anything for which CAC/CIAO charges.

Listed on promotional materials.

First Fridays Studio Tour
We encourage First Friday involvement as a good business practice for artists, but First Friday involvement or having a public studio is not a mandatory aspect of an artist membership. Venues do not have to pay a fee to participate in First Friday activities.

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