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Todd Snyder

oil, charcoal, graphite, acrylic

309 699-3487

My art is a kind of "Industrial Surrealism" that's based on the area's heavy equipment manufacturing history in that I enjoy using various examples of such equipment like tanks, cranes, trains, etc. coupled with local urban/industrial landscapes with and without figures in ambiguous situations to draw the viewer into narratives with no resolution. My methods are on site drawings (if possible) and digital pictures of my subjects to create a dynamic composition on paper which is then transferred to the painting surface in various ways - usually drawing the image on canvas, fixing the image and then over painting in oil although  I don't rigidly follow this procedure every time and like to remain free to change the composition if necessary. Since 1989 I have been accepted to approximately 175 juried regional, national and international exhibitions and have garnered many awards. My influences are the Surrealists (especially Dali, Paul Delvoux and Giorgio De Chirico and I admire the German New Objectivity Otto Dix in particular.

Bio - I was born and grew up in the Peoria area and could draw from an early age. I'm a graduate of East Peoria Community High School (1978) and from 1984 - '86 attended The Rocky Mountain College of Art & Design in Denver, Co., graduating with an Associates Degree in Commercial Art. Worked in commercial art briefly after returning to the area but found I was a frustrated fine artist and have studied independently and am primarily self-taught with an interest in the techniques of the Old Masters and some contemporary masters.

Today Todd works as an auto refinisher for the proverbial "day job" and tries to keep to a regular schedule of painting or drawing for a few hours at night plus weekends. His studio is in the basement of his house. He's single and indeed does have a cat..........

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