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“I believe in beauty. I believe in stones and water, air and soil, people and their future and their fate.” - Ansel Adams.


The artist’s perspective is influenced by Ansel Adams and his zone system for pre-visualizing, tight composition and eliminating extraneous elements from the frame. Photography is the external communication of his internal perspective on life. He considers himself an opportunistic photographer constantly looking thru the mind's eye for the beautiful and emotionally charged perspective to be captured with a Canon 5D. The art maybe realized and printed in the 2:3 format of the original in-camera composition or in an evolved format after extensive digital post-processing. 

“Art IS in the eye of the beholder.”

Born and raised in Detroit and schooled in Ann Arbor, I've lived the second half of my life in Peoria Heights as a Caterpillar research engineer raising my family of Jessonya Ravelle, Natasha Anee and Elija Kamal. They have moved back to the Detroit area and I’ve retired to follow my muse and explore living. The aeronautical engineering degree has afforded me a comfortable 38 year career but I've always been very engaged with the artistic aspects off life. My passion for capturing the human experience has evolved into a more comprehensive artistic expression. 

Jacob Marly, the 75 pound Weimaraner, is my loyal and constant companion.  Jacob always presents an interesting subject when I am not otherwise involved and one day will be the subject of a self-published book of photographs. 

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