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Rob Reed

Stone and Metal Sculptures

“I can’t even imagine how you do that” is the single most common response by viewers of Rob Reed’s stone sculpture. It’s possible that this is a result of the fact that these pieces don’t look much like what’s been produced in stone in the past. Rob says, “I strive for a contemporary expression in stone – lots of straight lines and fairly sharp edges, a natural direction for me since I have no interest in interpreting the human form.”

His metal work continues the same aesthetic, born of early childhood experiences and a general love of machines and machine-like forms. This interest is expressed in both free-standing and wall-based sheet metal work, and also in his “art machines” – a series of pieces that poke a bit of fun at both the dryness of “engineer-speak” and also the seriousness with which the corporate world conducts its affairs. They utilize both new and recycled parts and feature nailed-on metal tags that lend a note of authenticity that is, of course, fake!

Rob’s formal education includes a B.F.A. from Bradley University and an M.F.A. in sculpture from the University of Oklahoma. He counts David Smith, Eduardo Paolozzi, Robert Hudson and Bruce Beasley – as well as many of the Constructivists – among his influences. Rob lives in Galesburg, Illinois with his wife Lori, a mixed-media collage artist. Their studios are in their home, so the commute to work is short!

Robert J. Reed
Reed Studios, Inc.

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