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Lori Reed

Mixed Media Collage

The feeling of a journey...pieces of a lost memory...the hint of a story...these are all responses to Lori Reed's mixed media collage work. Working with laser prints of photos she's taken, all new images, handmade papers, maps, and pages from old books and ledgers, she creates collages wrapped around all sides of a stretched canvas or on canvas applied to board.

Lori has a BFA in graphic design from the University of Illinois, She says "When working in mixed media, I'm using those universal design principles (eye flow, color theory, balance) but I am able to communicate in ways that are more veiled, loose and playful than what I could do in a client project. In each mixed media piece I make, I try to evoke the feel of nostalgia, travel or part of a story of which the viewer has only fragments. I respond to the work of Kurt Schwitters, Joseph Cornell, the improvisational quilts of Gee's Bend quilters, and to a love of nature inspired by my mother and grandmother."

Lori lives in Galesburg, Illinois where she and her sculptor husband, Rob, divide their time between their graphic design business and their artwork. They call their business Reed Studios and have a graphic design studio in the front of their home, a collage studio at the back, an indoor sculpture studio in the basement and "the Stoneworks" outside. Their four shelties migrate between all the studios and enforce frequent "break times" for the artists.

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