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Oil on Canvas or Paper

Bio Info

Adam Maas currently lives in Peoria Illinois with his wife and two children. He was born out side of Peoria in a rural part of Illinois. His mother, grandmother and grandfather built the foundation that would influence the creativity of the work. Adam attended Spoon River College, Illinois Central College and Illinois State University. He received a Bachelor of Science from Illinois State University in 2008. During his Art Career he has worked with Artists Julie Wason, Preston Jackson and Jere Allen.

Colorful and energetic, these paintings of Central Illinois are representative of my favorite locations. Intended to represent everyday life and meant to be viewed one at a time. They are individually complex and full of brushwork to interest the viewer. Some are bright and beautiful others can be gray and muddy. Each one is painted intuitively and filled with my current emotion. The body of work as a whole accents the mistakes that come with painting alla prima. I intentional embrace the mistakes and leave them as secrets for the viewer to find.



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