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Printmaking, Installation, Digital Media

Artist Statement:

We require a sense of identity and belonging. Individuals derive a sense of identity from their culture. Surroundings or environment also influence how they live. We become who we are by developing a certain relationship to the past as well. Indeed, the notion of home has a great impact on our lives. No matter where we end up and how we grow, we are always the product of where we come from. The places we call home shape us and influence how we make connections and interact with one another.
I have led an unintentionally nomadic life, living in four different countries since I was a child, calling many places home. To this day I still move quite frequently. My memories of these places have faded and blended together and my work is based on dissonant fragments of home and the people I have encountered in the past. In my process, many different layers of imagery are sandwiched together without indicators of time or separation in between, resulting in invented people and places.

A sense of detachment about places and home has also affected how I relate to people. I often feel disconnected amongst groups of people since I lack specific cultural ties. My longing for a non-existent place has been a constant in my life. Through reconstruction and reform my ideas and memories about origin and identity forge a space to reside in, a place for me to call home.


Sang was born in Seoul, Korea. She received a BFA in Fine Arts from Columbus College of Art and Design and an MFA in Printmaking from Southern Illinois University Carbondale.  At Southern Illinois University, she worked as an instructor of record for three years teaching introductory level printmaking and drawing courses. After receiving an MFA degree, she moved to Peoria with her husband and started working as an artist and an instructor at her own studio. She works in multiple different media including traditional printmaking, digital media and installation.

Recent Exhibitions:

Structure, The Printmaking Center of New Jersey, Branchburg, NJ 
Prints Matter,Techniques,Traditions and New Approaches, Creative Spirit Art Center, Postdam, NY
No Place Like Home? An Exhibition of the Usual /Familiar, Institute for Humanites Research Gallery, Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ
Mini Print 20, Sponsored by GAPP, Clean Room Studio, Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, IL 
Disconnect, Target Gallery, Torpedo Factory Art Center, Alexandria, VA
Grand Opening, 2 Nine Gallery and Studio, Jacksonville, IL
Passing By, Surplus Gallery,Southern Illinois University,Carbondale, IL (MFA thesis exhibition, solo)
Finnish Collaborative Project:Call and Response, Sponsored by Print Force 5000, Finnish Academy of Fine Arts,Helsinki, Finland (exchange exhibition)

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