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Chris Kukla

Bio Info

Clay is earth.

The earth is both stable and ever-changing. When working with clay, Chris is never far from this reality. Instability and unpredictable changes can occur during the formation of a piece. 

Clay can be smooth and glasslike, soft and feminine or hard and jagged. It can be formed on the wheel and by hand. It is challenging and forgiving. Clay allows Chris to express his imagination and to say what he has no words for. 

Distortions are an important part of Chris’s work. While working on a piece he balances the effect of the distortion with the functionality of the piece. Beginning with a base shape thrown on a pottery wheel, specific distortions are applied to bring out the look and function he wants to achieve. He controls the distortions but often lets the piece tell him what is needed. 

Chris’s inspiration comes from many sources; the feminine form, our natural environment and his imagination. Lately, Chris has been challenging himself to capture moments of time in functional work.

Chris graduated from Illinois State University 1989 with a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Technology. He lives and produces his work from his home studio in Germantown Hills with his wife Ann and their children.

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