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Acrylic, Pastels, Charcoal

Artist Statement

I employ a variety of elements and compositional principals to communicate through my art. Traditional materials and mark making are my pleasure in addition to experimenting with a variety of medium. My images are an evolution of exploration as I seek new ways to create my art and study the relationship between media, figure and the world around us. Figurative, realistic and representational art is my concentration while at times creating my images in the realm of abstract realism. I prefer content that relates to cultural identity and social concerns, however, my art is in a state of developmental evolution as I continue to explore. I prefer to work in the additive/subtractive methods as I build my layers with the media I employ or ground I am using.

On this page: I have selected a variety of images in which I mostly explore identity in a variety of medium.

Life drawing is an important part of my studio practice because I believe drawing from the human figure leads to a greater understanding of form, space, depth, the ability to use value effectively in addition to developing observation skills.

Furthermore art history influences my development as an artist. I continue to look to the Masters of Pre and Renaissance in addition to 19th and 20th century artists of the Realism Movement for inspiration and technical study. Most importantly I seek out contemporary artists to study and learn from. It is important to know what fellow artists are creating locally, throughout our country and worldwide as art is a response or reaction to environment, social, cultural, interpersonal or a reaction to a reaction by fellow artists. In essence it is my belief that as artists we need to know the evolution/development of art historically, where art development is now and where we artists are heading in order to understand our art making.

People ask me what a piece means and I can only tell you my initial concept and what my experience is with the art because the meaning may grow and change for me over time. I believe that a piece of art can only be interpreted by the viewer through the experiences they bring with them. It goes back to the old saying that art is up to interpretation and that my friends is a great way to approach a piece of art and one of the many wonderful characteristics of original art.

My formal education consists of a Bachelor of Science Degree in Studio Art from Illinois State University and I also hold two Associates Degrees; the first is an Associate Degree in Illustration and Graphic Design from The American Academy of Art of Chicago and the second is an Associate Degree in Art and Science from Illinois Central College. Most importantly I learn by doing, researching, studying art and materials.

My professional life has consisted of working for galleries, illustrating and designing for a national syndicated company and freelancing; but most importantly raising my children so they will have a positive impact on this world of ours. I currently make art between my rural home based studio and my studio space at the Contemporary Art Center along the River Front in downtown Peoria. Studio Visits are encouraged and welcomed. You may contact me through my email or # listed below.

First Friday of every month gives you an opportunity to visit multiple artist studios opened in the Contemporary Art Center and throughout the Greater Downtown Peoria Area. You may get information/maps from the (Central Illinois Artist Organization) website. I encourage all of you to have a relaxing free evening of visiting the studios, meeting artists and seeing what is being created here in your community. As always support the local artists by becoming an art collector; it can be as inexpensive as Fast Food Drive Thru or an Evening Out. Have Fun! Please Explore! Most importantly enjoy and ask questions! CIAO!

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