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Catherine Jones graduated from the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design in 1979, with a Bachelor of Fine Arts. Since then, her award winning art has been internationally exhibited and is regarded as being highly influential. Known primarily for oil paintings, in particular portraiture, her trail blazing creations also include large-scale installations, sculpture, jewelry and filmmaking. Selected publications:

Within three years of graduation, Catherine spearheaded the now ubiquitous interactive art genre, by installing highly reflective large-scale paintings in Main Exit Gallery (Vancouver). At the time, these works were a new concept and generated much excitement within art circles. The paintings may be viewed by scrolling down to the fourth row:

In 1984, experimenting with $7.00 worth of scrap leather, Catherine began to design jewelry under the label Scathing Jones. These designs caught the attention of many well-known designers, including the House of Chanel (Paris) and Christian LaCroix (Paris). Donna Karan (New York) requested that Catherine postpone her first trip to Paris to design her 1994 spring collection. Working exclusively in leather and gemstones, her unique and finely crafted creations have often been copied but never replicated.

In 1998, Catherine travelled to Paris to install 36 wax sculptures in the likeness of the late Princess Diana on the first anniversary of her death. The commemorative street action was televised internationally, literally reaching billions of people. In 2003, she was invited to exhibit the work in a two-man show with Andy Warhol.

Catherine began a series of paintings in 2003 which explores the intersection of faith and science, specifically, quantum mechanics and Christianity. These intimate paintings are many layered and are described as “Jewelry for the Walls” (TM). 

Begun in 2003, the series At the End of the Day are life-size portraits of Second World War veterans that focuses on reconciliation and forgiveness. The series was first exhibited in Italy and remains the only art ever shown in the Senate of Canada. The portraits also toured the provincial legislatures cross-Canada, making their American debut at St. James Cathedral in Chicago, in 2014. In 2015, the series was shown in St. Paul’s, in Peoria, drawing secular and nonsecular crowds to the church.

In 2005, Catherine was accepted into the Canadian Forces Artists Program and is an official war artist. In 2007, the ninetieth anniversary of the Battle of Vimy Ridge, she travelled to France to unveil her painting Representative of Their Numbers. The theme of this graphic painting depicts the brotherhood of soldiers and was gifted to the Loyal Edmonton Regiment.

In 2009 — 2010, Catherine travelled to Afghanistan to film her documentary 15:13, which focuses on soldiers’ comradeship in-theatre. Once there she went “outside the wire” seven times, narrowly escaping death when she experienced three IEDs and one rocket attack. The critically acclaimed film was licensed by the prestigious CBC Documentary Channel in 2012 and is considered by the soldiers who have been there, to be the closest experience to being in a war zone that they have ever seen.

Catherine loves to paint portraits, working primarily in oil on canvas, or oil on Belgian linen. Each portrait takes months to create and are treasured by royalty and Heads of State, alike. One critic described these exquisite paintings as “Souls on Canvas”. Every parent who has commissioned Catherine, has graciously expressed how they love the way that Catherine can capture their beloved children. Catherine welcomes your enquiries and may be contacted at:

Catherine now resides in her favorite city, Chicago, having been granted the O-1 visa for individuals with extraordinary abilities. 

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