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"Beauty in Decay." Traditional flower and plant photography is about perfection, catching the plant or flower at its most perfect and unblemished point. This series used decaying tropical plants, well past the point of traditional perfection, as a metaphor for the beauty in all phases of life. The vegetation's lushness and sensuality can be felt, even through aging and death.

The inherent conflict between societal expectations of youthful physical perfection and relentless physical decay sets up a tension that requires continual adjustment of self-image. This series is helping me put aside arbitrary expectations, reaching for a new understanding of aging. The richness in color, texture and form parallels the richness of experience and depth of beauty in the human aging process.

Since I started taking pictures over 30 years ago, I've been drawn to landscape and abstraction. As the years have gone by, my vision has continued to refine this direction, simplifying and reducing to the essence of the subject. Since I shoot outside, the quality of the light is always a present and surprising factor.

My work is grouped into creative projects. I continue to work on the "Beauty in Decay" series and am also exploring the urban landscape, including the interface between rural areas and urban encroachment. I've also been shooting a continuing series, "Six Mile Cypress", for the past four years in a small bald cypress preserve in Florida, which deals more with light and its effect on plant texture rather than form.

Quotes: "As a photographer you emerge or emphasize a certain moment, making it another reality." Renede Dijkstra

"One hopes every picture will be a new birth, a fresh experience within a growing framework." Helen Frankenthaler



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