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Katherine Hodge


oil and acrylic painting

Artist Statement

“My passion for painting has taken my creative exploration in a whole new direction over the last few years. I am drawn to both the human figure and human interactions and have therefore devoted myself to spending time and attention acquiring knowledge in painting portraits in oil. My drawing background provides the foundation for creating realistic likenesses on canvas while my more recent explorations of color and brush stroke technique have lead me to embrace a more painterly and evocative approach. My current works focus on rendering an impressionistic likeness of the human figure engaged in the everyday activities of life.”

Artist’s Bio

Hailing originally from Peoria, Illinois, Katie Hodge began her study of art 35 years ago while attending Illinois State University. After studying graphic design, she switched gears and became an elementary education teacher, spending several years teaching middle school Art.
While teaching and raising her children, Katie spent time exploring drawing, photography, sculpture, ceramics and mixed media. In recent years, painting has been her main artistic focus.
Katie has immersed herself in learning techniques in oils as well as honing her drawing skills over the past few years. She studies at both Main Street Art Center in the suburb of Lake Zurich, IL and The Palette and Chisel in downtown Chicago. Katie currently works out of her studios in Chicago and Peoria.

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