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Painting / Photography

"I feel the language of art should be a shared experience. "WOW" is a great response for any art work. Creating that "WOW" response means the viewer has traveled along an exciting visual pathway."

Larry Hendricks is a portrait artist who has evolved his own style of painting and photography. He strives to use a variety of techniques to distinguish his works. A prime technique in his approach to create a pastel painting is to use light in dramatic fashion. Hendricks os a former secondary school art instructor of over 35 years, an established portrait photographer, and has exhibited in many group shows nationally. After receiving his education from Western Illinois University, he studied at Bradley University and University of Illinois Champaign/Urbana. He has worked with several artists including Albert Handell, whom he credits with his current pastel painting approach. Hendricks continues to teach students that visual art should be embraced with a child-like awareness. His work ethic prescription for future artists was scribbled on an obscure studio wall which read... "Work like a slave and create like a god."

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