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Acrylic, Encaustic, cast paper, wire, fabric


Art - a place of refuge, a place to explore, a place to express thoughts and feelings without filter, a place to ponder the past and a place to look toward the future. 

After many years of dabbling a bit now and then, in 2000 I had the great good fortune to take my first classes with Preston Jackson. Then in 2006 I spent a week at Ox-Bow and discovered Encaustic – an amazingly versatile and compelling medium. Pigment is mixed with heated beeswax and then applied to a surface before it cools down. Though challenging to work with, Encaustic is extremely durable and creates vibrant and luminous colors. Pieces are built up in heat-fused layers, scraped back, built up again – a process of conceal and reveal. The transparency of the wax allows previous marks and layers to show through.

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