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Oil, Acrylic, Mixed-medium Sculpture


“It is my desire to create work that is not only visually exciting, but intellectually and emotionally stimulating as well. Painting and sculpting is very cathartic for me. Most of my pieces are like pages from a journal. Some could me mine. Some could be yours. It is a commentary on the experiences and observations I encounter.”

Nikole Cooney did her undergraduate studies in art at Illinois Central College. She was fortunate to study and apprentice under Preston Jackson for many years. She attended The School of the Art Institute of Chicago on a Presidential Scholarship.

Currently Nikole shares a studio with her husband, Eric Cooney, at the Contemporary Art Center of Peoria in the  2nd floor loft. They also have a large studio in their home in Pekin, Illinois. “Having a few different places to create is great because it can help keep ideas fresh and flowing just by changing environments.”

 Although she enjoys sculpting as well, her current body of work is primarily oil or acrylic paintings. “I have found these rich mediums to be the most effective to achieve a soft, blended, fleshy feel to the work. I have layered meanings by using symbolism and the psychological implications of the mask.” The mask also allows Nikole to bring animals and wildlife into the work. Through these beautiful creatures, she can speak indirectly of the strength, frailty and carnal nature of humans.

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