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Painting and Drawing

Bio Info

An exploration of her own personal style---this describes Pam’s current work in various media including acrylics and India ink. She is concerned with color. A celebration of individuality and diversity is the subject matter. A teacher once described her work as, "The world is a jungle and she’s the only human being in it." She ponders this. She also ponders if it is about telling stories; an autobiography; an artistic coming out of the closet; painted memoirs; an amends. 

This artwork is an extension of Pam’s childhood growing up in northern Wisconsin where she contentedly dug red clay from the ground, sculpting it into mermaids and other forms, placing them on a painted landscape. Later she took up knitting and quilting. Pam’s degrees are in psychology, art, and law.      

Today Pam is in a sacred place when surrounded by her own creations in her art studio. Professionally she spends her time as an attorney for a small state agency plus is privileged  to complete clemency reviews for the Illinois Governor’s Office. She is excited about ideas for the following series: many more "Women in the Garden" and family gatherings; "Self Portraits at Lutheran Churches"; "Chicago Street Scenes"; "The Chef and Culinary Designs"; and paintings from a dream journal which she has kept for many years.

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