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Grace was born and raised in Taiwan. She came to the United States for graduate study. She went to Texas Tech University in Lubbock, TX, and met her husband there. After she got her master degree in interdisciplinary study emphasized in Management Information Systems, she felt burned out. She wanted to find something that she truly wanted to do. She moved to Gainesville, Florida with her husband so he could work on his Ph.D degree. There, she took a ceramics course and fell in love with it. So, she started taking art classes at a community college.  She moved to Peoria in 1991. After her son was born, she stayed home and raised her son for a few years. Then, she began to take classes at Bradley University and received her M.A. in Ceramics in 2000.

Grace loves Chinese Song Dynasty porcelain wares. This has inspired her to use porcelain and Crackle glaze in her work.

Grace currently works by throwing parts on the wheel, altering, cutting, and adding slabs, to get a finished sculpture piece. She admires the sculptor Henry Moore. 

She built her dream house three years ago and has set up her studio in the basement. She can see her garden while she works on the wheel.

She enjoys traveling, gardening, cooking and eating gourmet food, and playing with her beloved Maltese dog.


I have been very fortunate to be able to experience two different cultures. I blend Eastern Philosophies and Western Modernist aesthetic ideas in my work. I use clay to create imagery that reflects my inner emotions respond to the external world. I always use my work to show my appreciation of the world. My art is an abstract form that often mimics elements connected with nature or figurines

My love of Chinese Song Dynasty wares leads me to create pieces that are simple in form and color that have a sense of serenity and elegance. I believe that form follows function and glazes should fit the form.

Of all the creative processes, I believe ceramics still retains mystery and unexpectedness. It is with this characteristic that I use this medium to express myself. I want to create work from my heart, to reflect on who I am and to find personal freedom and peace.

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