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Oil, Pencil, Mixed Media and Photography


Katie Beasley’s artwork is about process through which we exist. Life is forever changing yet always maintaining routine. Katie works pattern and rhythm into her art to reflect the mundane that she self-consciously faces day-to-day. Katie weaves the past into pieces and try to visualize the future. She creates life to the forgotten. She also manipulates the materials to hide the expected and spark the unseen.

Often Katie’s paint is applied as a reaction to an action. Katie allows chance to guide her marks. However, she is also captivated by tight, well planned strokes sometimes created with graphite. 

Katie is surrounded by change and her work is always reacting to sudden shifts. She is always trying to push boundaries with her work, not afraid to try something new.

Katie Beasley received a Bachelors in Fine Arts from Western Illinois University with a minor concentration in drawing and a minor in painting and sculpture. She is influenced by the constant change of environment, technology and the peacefulness of the past.

Katie lives in Washington Il., with her husband Ryan Beasley and their three children, Reed, Ridley and Rielle.  Katie works in her Washington home studio. She is constantly trying to rediscover her art through daily experiences. As she matures and grows her work is constantly changing. Katie is working on creating a body of work to use to apply to graduate school. Katie also enjoys volunteering as an art teacher at Central School in Washington.

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