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Acrylic mainly. However I also use watercolor, pastel and recently resin w/acrylic.


Artist Statement

My art style fluctuates between realism and abstract. When I want to be wild and unconventional, I paint in an abstract way. When I want to be more controlled I paint realistically. In general, I paint with vibrant colors. When painting abstract pieces I like how the colors “pop” when they are placed next to one another. When I paint realistically, I use bright colors not for their color but for their tones. I will take the colors and mentally convert them to a gray scale; I may use a cobalt blue to represent a 40-50% gray while sepia may represent 80-90% gray. 


I have always been interested in art. Growing up I would draw pictures from paintings around my house. It wasn’t until I was in college that I discovered my passion for art. I changed my major three times before I took an aptitude test and scored the highest in art. I decided to take an art class to see if I was any good. I fell in love have been creating art pieces ever since! I graduated from Eureka College with a Bachelor’s degree in Science with a concentration in Fine Art. I am inspired by the surreal artists Salvador Dali and Rene Magritte. However, I am also captivated by the artists during the Renaissance Period.  The realism in their work is absolutely astonishing to me!

Today Mary lives in East Peoria, Illinois with her husband and Chihuahua. Currently she creates her art at her home where she converted a spare room into her studio. Her artwork is continually evolving as she works in different mediums and styles. Her work has been displayed at Peoria Public Library, Liturgical and Sacred Art Exhibition in Springfield, Burgess Gallery at Eureka College, Prairie Center for the Arts and the Peoria Heights Fine Art Show. In addition she has had several private and commercial commissions.

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